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A-Z Index and Glossary

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  • B&F

    Business & Finance

  • BAA

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    Broad Agency Announcement. A research solicitation or funding notice used in particular by the Department of Defense.

    Also sometimes, Business Associates Agreements. A contract between a HIPAA covered entity and a business associate. It includes a requirement to spell out how data breaches will be handled.

  • BEC

    BEC or Business Engagement Center is the former name of Corporate Research Alliances.

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  • Biosafety Containment Level

    A biological safety level (BSL), or biosafety containment level, is a set of laboratory safeguards (equipment, practices, security) designed to protect researchers in the laboratory, as well as the surrounding community and environment, from infection or contamination when working with biological materials and/or potential biohazards.  The containment levels range from the lowest risk of biosafety level 1 (BSL1) to the highest risk of biosafety level 4 (BSL4).

  • BIP

    Background Intellectual Property

  • Blue Pages

    The Blue Pages are a directory ORSP created to help find Unit Administrative Contacts. If you're looking for a Research Administrator in your school, college, institute, or department, and/or you don't have access to eRessearch and do not know how to get started, the Blue Pages are a great place to start.

  • Budget Period

    The budget period is a subset of the total Project Period. For example, a project period may be 22-months and consist of two budget periods of 12- and 10-months.

  • Budget Reallocation Process (formerly 7471)


    IPad loged into U-M Wolverine Access with cup of coffee next to it.When you need to reallocate budgets on existing Projects/Grants (P/Gs), Finance has Budget Reallocation Functionality. (This replaced the legacy 7471 Excel spreadsheet, which is sometimes still referenced.)

    All of these can be found by navigating from:



  • Buy American Act

    The Buy American Act restricts the purchase of non-domestic supplies. This act applies to federal government contracts for products used in the U.S. The act states that the cost of domestic components must exceed 50 percent of the total cost of components in an end product. The end product itself must also be manufactured in the United States. The purpose of this act is to give preferential treatment to domestically sourced materials and U.S. manufactured goods.

    Exceptions include when the prices of domestic supplies greatly exceed foreign offers, if the goods are for use outside of the U.S., when domestic items are unavailable, or if the expected value of the procurement is below the micro-purchase threshold. The Buy American Act is intended for companies who wish to obtain federal government contracts.

    Businesses wishing to achieve compliance must ensure that the cost of domestic materials used in their end product exceed the cost of any non-domestic materials. They must also guarantee their end product is manufactured in the United States.

    Related Certifications
    Berry Amendment Compliance

  • Call for Intent to Submit

    The Call for Intent to Submit process relates to the many Limited Submission funding opportunities that exist. We communicate both the Calls for Intent to Submit and the Limited Submissions in a single communication.To be informed of the opportunities we have identified, you can sign up for our Research Blueprint newsletter, which is distributed twice-monthly. Interested parties declare their interest for a Call for Intent to Submit and/or submit competition materials for a Limited Submission competition. For a comprehensive list of currently open limited opportunities, visit the UMOR Limited Submissions Homepage. Questions: contact

  • CAR

    'CAR' is an acronym for a Conflict of Interest (COI) Administrative Record that houses all the relevant COI information (e.g., final management plans, Financial COI reports due to sponsors, approved Regental Action Requests [RARs]) and indicates the status of the COI review and RAR approval, if applicable.  

  • Career Award/Career Development Award (NIH/NSF)

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    An award that allows significant programmatic flexibility to a senior investigator with a successful history with the agency or a junior investigator with high research potential.

  • CAS

    Cost Accounting Standards. Specific rules promulgated by the federal government to achieve consistent accounting practices for sponsored projects.

  • CCR (Central Contractor Registry)

  • CDC

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Certificate of Confidentiality

    A certificate of confidentiality (CoC) protects the privacy of human research subjects by prohibiting the forced disclosure of their individually identifiable, sensitive research information, records or data to anyone not associated with the research.  For details, see the U-M HRPP Certificates of Confidentiality webpage

  • Certs & Reps

  • CFA

    Call for Applications

  • CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance)

  • CFO

    Chief Financial Officer