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Instructions: Adding Work with LPS

If you have an animal protocol that includes work with LPS (lipopolysaccharide), you will need to add that substance to your IBC application and indicate that you are administering it to animals, as described in the steps below (click a step to see more detailed instructions):

Be sure to answer "yes" to the option for Infectious Agents/Biological Toxins.



--Q4.2: Answer "yes" here.

--Q4.3: Be sure to include in this response a description of your work with LPS.



4-2.1: Create an entry for LPS in this table

--Q12: Note that work involving LPS requires BSL2 containment/handling.

--Q13: If you will be administering LPS to your animals, answer “yes” here.



6.1 table): Each type of animal that you will be administering LPS to must have an entry in this list. Add entries, if needed, and be sure to provide the following information in the detail questions:

--Q5: Answer “yes” here.

--Q8: Answer “yes” here as well.

--Q8.1: Select LPS from the list. (If you do not see LPS in this list, check your response to Q13 of the detail questions for LPS in Section 4-2: it must be “yes”.)





6-1.1: Click Update for each animal that will be administered LPS

--Provide the requested information regarding dosage and routes of administration.

--Note that animals administered LPS may be housed at ABSL1.





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