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Order & Receive Controlled Substances for Research

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Rejected order information

Lost/delayed order information

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Researcher Controlled Substance Request Form

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DEA Form 222 (order form)

  • For Schedule I-II substances only
  • Numbered serially for tracking purposes
  • DEA registrant must:
    • Sign the order form
    • Lock forms in a secure location

Using the one-page DEA Form 222:

  • The DEA has updated, and is now issuing, a one-page DEA Form 222 
  • The one-page and triplicate-page version may be used to order Schedule I and II drugs until October 30, 2021. After that date, only the one-page newer version will be accepted 
  • Click for instructions to complete the new one-page form

Using the triplicate form, applicable through October 30, 2021:  

  • Mail/deliver copies 1 (brown) & 2 (green) attached together with carbons to the supplier
  • Each 222 form must be complete with no errors; otherwise the supplier may reject part or all of the order. 
  • Retain copy 3 (blue) and file with the controlled substance records. 

Using the online form:

  • Register for Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) at
  • Activate your certificate
  • Allows for electronic ordering of Schedule I and II controlled substances

Ordering and receiving controlled substances requires strong internal controls as well as strict adherence to U-M, state, and federal policies. This procedure contains information about the controls required for the ordering and receiving process. 


Controlled substances are restricted commodities (see controlled substances) per U-M Procurement policy.  All orders must include the DEA registrant’s information (i.e., name, address of the registered storage location, research registration number, expiration date).

There are two options for ordering controlled substances for research purposes:

1. Michigan Medicine B2 Pharmacy (preferred option)

  • Complete Researcher Controlled Substance Request Form.  Schedule II substances must be listed on a separate request form from Schedule II-V.
  • Include a copy of the applicable state license and DEA registration.
  • For Schedule I-II substances, include a completed DEA 222 form.

2. Commercial Wholesalers/Vendors

  • Contact U-M Procurement Services to establish a purchasing contract or to identify an existing contract to use with a commercial supplier.
  • Orders must be submitted on an M-Pathways eProcurement (ePro) requisition. P-Cards cannot be used to order controlled substances.
  • For Schedule I-II substances, verify 222 form requirements and process with UM Procurement Services. 


Vendors must ship orders within 60 days of the date on the DEA Form 222. Best practices for receiving a controlled substance order in your laboratory, regardless of substance Schedule, include:

  • Showing your yellow M-Card when picking up an order from the Michigan Medicine B2 Pharmacy.
  • Ensuring invoice contains the following data:
    • Name, address, and DEA Registration number of registrant
    • Controlled substance name, concentration, dosage form, and quantity
    • Signature of authorized personnel who picked up or received the drug order
    • Date of pickup or receipt
  • Having the DEA registrant or an authorized agent receive, verify, log, and securely store the substances into the registered storage location. See Maintain Records for more information about inventories and usage logs.
  • Maintaining invoices and packing slips with your controlled substance records, separated by schedule I-II, and schedule III-V. 

Additional Process Information

Rejected Orders

A supplier may void all or any part of an order on a DEA Form 222, without an explanation other than “insufficient order.”  The supplier will return copies 1 and 2 to the DEA registrant (purchaser). The rejected DEA 222 form copies 1-3 must be kept on file and maintained for at least two years.

Lost/Delayed Order Forms

If a supplier does not receive a DEA 222 form for a particular order (i.e., lost) the DEA registrant, as the purchaser, must:

  1. Submit in writing a notice to the supplier indicating the original DEA Form 222 serial number, the date on the form, and the controlled substances listed on the form.
  2. Attach a copy of that written notice to copy 3 (blue) of the original DEA 222 form and maintain that as a record of a voided order.
  3. Complete and send a new DEA 222 form to the supplier.
  4. Report the voided form’s serial number to the Detroit DEA field office.

 If the vendor subsequently receives the original (i.e. voided) order form, the vendor will not accept the order and will return the form to the DEA registrant for their records.

If the lost DEA 222 form is found after notification to the Detroit DEA field office, re-notify the DEA of the discovery. 

References and Resources


Questions regarding ordering controlled substances?  Contact:

  • CS Monitoring Program Manager: 
  • Michigan Medicine Central (B2) Pharmacy: (734) 647-7654
  • U-M Procurement Services: (734) 764-8212 (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)