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COI Policies

University conflict of interest policy as outlined in the Standard Practice Guide (SPG) must comply with state and federal external requirements.  In addition, the university provides operational policies to guide employees in disclosing outside interests and managing identified conflicts of interest and commitment.

Federal Policies

State of Michigan Policy

University of Michigan Policies

Related Policies & Resources

The following lists U-M polices and resources by activities that have a conflict of interest component. 

Work outside the university

​Intellectual property

  • SPG 303.04 University of Michigan Technology Transfer Policy
  • SPG 601.3-2  Ownership and Use of Computer Software


  • SPG 507.01 Procurement General Polices and Procedures

Institutional COI

Faculty Appointments

  • Faculty Handbook - Section 9.G describes and links to various federal, state, and U-M COI policies and resources as it relates to expectations for U-M faculty.


For questions about COI policies, outside interest disclosure requirements for U-M, and U-M's COI review and management processes, email