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SOM License Application & Renewal


After you receive your renewed State of Michigan license, update your Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) in eResearch Animal Management (eRAM).

Email for help or more information.

To order, store, and administer controlled substances for use in research, you must first obtain a State of Michigan (SOM) researcher controlled substance license.

Apply for a New SOM Research License

Applications for state licenses are made online at the State of Michigan Bureau of Professional Licensing - MiPlus website.  A MiPlus account must be created prior to completing the license application. 


  • When creating the MiPlus account, register as an individual
  • Enter your mailing address during account creation (the storage address will be entered in the license application)
  • After the account is created, you may begin the application process

Key Information: Fingerprinting

You will receive the following information from the SOM once your application has been received:

  • Live Scan Request Form
  • Customer ID number
  • Instructions for fingerprinting 

When scheduling your fingerprinting appointment, provide the U-M Agency ID Number (71734k). At your appointment, provide the  completed Livescan Request Form (provided by the SOM after your application is received) and a valid form of photo identification (e.g., driver’s license, state or federal identification). 

Requested Attachments Tips

The table below lists tips to complete the Attachments section of the online SOM license application.  Compile this information in a separate document and add it as an attachment to your online application.


Attach an NIH biosketch or other relevent curriculum vitae information.​

  • Briefly describe your overall research goals in a non-scientific manner. As applicable, indicate if controlled substances are to be:
    • Used in animal research
    • Used for in vitro or analytical research
  • Indicate that all applicable protocols (animal or human subject) have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate University of Michigan regulatory committees.
Controlled substance list and dose

List all the controlled substances to be stored for research purposes at the location by:

  • Name
  • Estimated number of vials or containers by size
  • Concentration or powder
  • Dose (and if used for anethsesia/analgesia in animal research)
    • Example: Ketamine 4 x 10 ml vials, 100 mg/ml, Dose=80-120 mg/kg (mouse).
Drug storage and security procedures

Identify the storage mechanism to be used.  For example:

  • Locked safe/cabinet, bolted to immovable object, such as the floor or wall
  • Separate storage from other drugs and materials

Describe the security measures to be used.  For example:

  • Limited, authorized (via screening process) access
  • Minimal traffic flow
  • Storage facility locked when not in use
  • 24/7 availability of the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety

Indicate that appropriate records will be maintained, including an authorized personnel list, inventories, and usage records


List the names and job titles of the personnel who:

  • Have access to the storage facility
  • May order and/or accept delivery of controlled substances

State of Michigan License Renewal

State of Michigan license renewal applications are also made online at State of Michigan Bureau of Professional Licensing - MiPlus website.

  • Create your MiPlus account (if you haven't already)
  • Log in to MiPlus and choose "Licenses" from the Account Management page.  Choose the license to be renewed and follow the online instructions. Note: when you come to the Drug Storage Location page, the site won't allow you to enter any new information - just click past this page to get to the payment page.


For SOM application and renewal questions contact the Department of  Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Health Care Services at (517) 335-0918.