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Non-U-M Investigator Disclosure Process

Individuals not affiliated with (i.e., not employed by) U-M may be required to disclose outside interests related to the proposed research when listed as an investigator on:

If the individual's organization or institution (i.e., employer) does not have their own process to report and manage conflicts of interest, the non-UM investigator can disclose to the University of Michigan using the Non-U-M-Affiliate Financial Interests Disclosure Form.

Roles & Responsibilities

University of Michigan

  • For a subcontract, the U-M Office of Contract Administration will send the disclosure form to the non-U-M affiliate(s) for completion.  
  • For IRB applications, the U-M study team will send the disclosure form to the non-U-M investigator for completion. Returned forms are uploaded into eResearch for appropriate review by a U-M COI Office.

Non-U-M Affiliate

  • Complete the disclosure form, as applicable to the proposed research
  • Follow the instructions provided by the U-M department that sent you the form to submit the completed form to the university.


For questions about U-M's COI policy, outside interest disclosure process, or COI review and management processes, email