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Export Controls Training

Overview of Export Controls Training

Export Controls can be complex. Determining if and when your activity or research may require an export license is not easy. Export Controls training is a requirement to help you understand the export control laws and regulations and the risks of non-compliance.

U-M offers online training for export controls compliance to faculty, staff, and students through the Program for the Education and Evaluation in Responsible Conduct of Research (PEERRS) catalog in the My LINC system.

Who is required to take Export Controls training?

All personnel named on a Technology Control Plan (TCP) are required to complete the Export Controls PEERRS module. 

Required Module

Optional Supplemental Modules 

U-M offers optional online training for export controls compliance to faculty, staff, and students through the CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative), a nation-wide training resource for universities and organization around the country.  Follow the instructions to Register for a CITI Account and affiliate with the University of Michigan. You must first take the Introduction to Export Compliance module. You then have the option to take any of the following modules:

  • Export Compliance for Researchers: Part I and Part II
  • Export Compliance for Research Administrators
  • Export Compliance and Biosafety
  • Export Compliance for Operational Departments
  • Export Compliance for International Shipping
  • Export Compliance and Purchasing
  • Export Compliance and International and Foreign Waters
  • Export Compliance and Collaborations
  • Export Compliance and the United States Sanctions Programs

Already taken Export Controls training?

If you received Export Controls training prior to November 14, 2016, please contact the Export Controls Program at and provide the following:

  • Type and format of training 
  • Date of completion

The Export Controls Program will issue a waiver for approved alternate training sessions. 


References and Resources

  • CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) provides online regulatory compliance training.  U-M offers a variety of courses through it's CITI subscription.  To access the courses, first create a free account with CITI, affiliate with the University of Michigan as part of the account set-up, then select the course(s) you wish to complete.


Export Controls Program