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Modify a License/Registration

After initial approval of your State of Michigan (SOM) controlled substance license and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration, common modifications include:

  • Adding/deleting substance schedules
  • Address changes (e.g., moving labs and storage locations within U-M or transferring to a different academic institution)
  • Name changes

Submit Modifications

Submit requests to modify your license/registration first to the State of Michigan (SOM), then, upon approval, to the DEA.

State of Michigan License

All SOM researcher license modifications must be made by mail only (see mailing address below).  Include the following:

1.  A completed SOM Data Request Change Form (see References & Resources below)

2.  A short letter listing the information to be updated (e.g., room number, last name)

3.  A check, payable to the State of Michigan, to have the updated (“duplicate”) license sent to you.  The form displays the fee amount.

DEA Registration

Upon State of Michigan approval, submit an online DEA Update Request (see link in References & Resource below). You may enter both the business address (i.e., the storage location, including room number) and a separate mailing address (e.g., office).

Changes involving Schedule I and II substances also require new DEA 222 order forms.

Moving Storage Locations 

Within U-M

When changing storage locations within U-M do not move the controlled substances until the DEA approves the new location and, if applicable, you receive new DEA Form 222s. The following steps should be used as a guide for moving:

1.  Dispose of all expired or unwanted controlled substances.

2.  Conduct the following inventories:

a.  A closing inventory at the previous location
b.  An initial inventory at the new location

3.  Keep all records and completed DEA Form 222s from the previous location for two (2) years.

  • If applicable, mail unused DEA Form 222s to the DEA (see below for the mailing address)

Transferring outside U-M

Licensees/registrants who leave the employment of the University of Michigan cannot transfer the controlled subtances under their purview to a new location outside of the university.

1.  Dispose of all expired or unwanted controlled substances.

2.  Conduct a closing inventory at the U-M location.

3.  Keep all records and completed DEA Form 222s (if applicable) from the U-M location for two (2) years.

  • If applicable, mail all unused DEA Form 222s to the DEA.

If transferring within the State of Michigan you must reflect the new affiliated institution and research activities on your controlled substance license and registration by renewing your SOM license, then modifying your DEA registration online. If transferring out-of-state, apply for a controlled substance license in the U.S. state/territory where the new institution is located and retire your DEA registration for U-M.

Retire/Cancel a Research License/Registration

 You cannot transfer controlled substances to another U-M researcher or leave them in the storage location for others to use for research when retiring or cancelling your license/registration.  Always:

1.  Dispose of all controlled substances under your registration.

2. Conduct a closing inventory 

For the State of Michigan:

You do not need to notify the State of Michigan to retire your SOM license. The license will lapse when not renewed.

For the DEA:

Email a notice of “relinquishment” to, or submit a written notice (see mailing address below).

  • If applicable, mail unused DEA Form 222s to the DEA.

References and Resources

U-M Templates

  • Controlled Substance Initial & Closing Inventory Template

    Template (Word) used to record controlled substances at a new storage location immediately upon receipt of a DEA registration or used to list the controlled substances stored at a registered location upon the closing of that location.

Online Modification Forms

  • SOM Data Request Change Form Online form from the State of Michigan (SOM) used to request modifications or updates to an existing controlled substance license.  For use by the licensee only.
  • DEA Update Request Online form to request modifications to an existing DEA controlled substance registration.  For use by the registrant only.

Controlled Substance Procedures


State of Michigan Mailing Address:

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of Health Care Services
P.O. Box 30670
Lansing, MI 48909

DEA Detroit Office Address Mailing Address:

DEA Detroit Office
211 W. Fort Street Suite 610
Detroit, MI 48226