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    Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need. A funding program in the U.S. Department of Education (

  • GAAP

    Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

  • GASB

    Governmental Accounting Standards Board (

  • GATT

    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

  • Gift

    A voluntary transfer of money or material goods from an individual or entity to the University without a return of commensurate value. It may or may not be given for any specific purpose. Gift funds from a private source do not provide a benefit to the donor, including results from a defined project.

  • GPG

    Grant Proposal Guide (NSF)

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  • Grant

    Funds or other property awarded by a sponsor to achieve a specific goal. A grant entails obligations to a sponsor, although they are less stringent than those in a contract.

    A grant generally is construed to allow greater discretion than a contract in the conduct of the research and to provide less specificity in the definition of the intended outcome of the research. While a grant is not as exacting in its provisions, it should be treated with the same respect as a contract.

  • is the federal web portal for finding grant opportunities from any federal agency and locating application packages, as well as where ORSP submits electronic applications.

  • GSA

  • GSRA

    Graduate Student Research Assistant