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    Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need. A funding program in the U.S. Department of Education (

  • GAAP

    Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

  • GASB

    Governmental Accounting Standards Board (

  • GATT

    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

  • Gift

    A voluntary transfer of money or material goods from an individual or entity to the University without a return of commensurate value. It may or may not be given for any specific purpose. Gift funds from a private source do not provide a benefit to the donor, including results from a defined project. See ORSP's standard operating procedure (SOP) on Gift vs. Grant: SOP-400.03-gift-versus-grant

  • GPG

    Grant Proposal Guide (NSF)

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  • Grant

    A grant is a funding mechanism a sponsor awards to achieve a specific goal. A grant entails obligations to a sponsor, although the obligations may be less stringent than those in a contract or agreement. In a grant, the sponsor (possibly the federal government) provides oversight and monitoring but is not directly involved in the project.  Even if the grant is not as exacting in its provisions, it should be treated with the same respect. At U-M, grants are managed through the eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) system, first as a proposal with a proposal approval form (PAF) and then, if awarded, as an AWD record. 

    Also, see cooperative agreement.

  • is the federal web portal for finding grant opportunities from any federal agency and locating application packages, as well as where ORSP submits electronic applications.

  • GSA

  • GSRA

    Graduate Student Research Assistant