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DEA Registration Application & Renewal

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This online procedure contains: 

DEA Controlled Substance Registration Application (in References & Resources)

Renewal instructions

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Upon receipt of a new or renewed DEA registration, email to record your license with the UMOR Controlled Substance Monitor.

After obtaining your SOM Permanent ID number, indicating controlled substance license approval from the State of Michigan, you must then apply for a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) researcher registration.

DEA Researcher Registration

The application process for a DEA researcher registration differs based on the controlled substance schedule.

  • Schedule I: complete the PDF version of Form 225 and mail with the protocol form (found in 21 CFR 1301.18) to the DEA per instructions included with the application
  • Schedules II-V: complete and submit Form 225 online

Key Information: DEA Application

  • Business Activity = Researcher (II-V) or Researcher (I)
  • Business Address = Building Name, Street Address, Room number (i.e., the exact storage location), City, State, Zip Code
  • Mailing Address (if different than the storage location) = Building Name, Street Address, Room number, City, State, Zip Code
  • Fee = Select the fee exemption checkbox; enter your Department Chair or Research Associate Dean as the Certifying Official
  • State Controlled Substance Number = permanent ID number (do not enter a clinical controlled substance number)
  • Order Forms = (for Schedules I and II only) Select the checkbox for DEA 222 Forms 

Approximately 4 – 6 weeks after submission, a DEA Investigator will contact the applicant to finalize the registration.  Be prepared to provide additional information, such as protocol material provided with the SOM license application. 

Renew a DEA Registration

DEA research registrations must be renewed annually based on the initial approval date.  Renew your registration online via the DEA website.  Visit the DEA Registration web page for additional information regarding registration and renewal forms, business practices, DEA policy and more.

References and Resources

  • PDF Form 225 Link to the DEA Controlled Substance Registration Form 225 (PDF) for Schedule I substances only
  • Online Form 225 Link to the online DEA Controlled Substance Registration Form 225 for Schedules II - V only
  • Form 225 Instructions Link to the DEA website for instructions to complete the Controlled Substance Registration Form 225 (all Schedules)

Controlled Substance Procedures


DEA Registration questions?  Contact the Detroit Field Office for assistance.