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A-Z Index and Glossary

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  • FAIN Federal Award Identification Number

    FAIN (Federal Award Identification Number) is the unique identifying number assigned to all federal finance awards. Since October of 2013, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has required all Federal Agencies to issue a FAIN to all financial assistance awards or grants.


  • FAR

    Federal Acquisition Regulation clauses.

  • FastLane

    NSF is transitioning away from FastLane, and users are encouraged to use

    Fastlane, a predecessor to, is being phased out. Read more about the transition to

    FastLane was previously the National Science Foundation's (NSF's) electronic proposal submission and award management system and, to date, users have needed a user ID to access. They used to obtain that ID from ORSP. 

    New users are able to register directly through Existing users in FastLane will be migrated to the new system through a simple, one-time operation when signing in to FastLane or

  • FB

    Fringe Benefit

  • FC-Search Foundation Center

    Database of funding opportunities of US foundations. It is available online through U-M library electronic resources.

  • FCOI

    Financial Conflict of Interest

  • FDA

    Food and Drug Administration

    • Electronic Human Research Documentation Certification Guidance (PDF) Outlines the procedure for creating, naming, certifyng and storing electronic copies of human research documentation as required by U-M, FDA, and other reserch sponsor polices, and provides a Certified Copy coversheet template.  Last updated: 06/06/2022 
  • Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)

    The Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) is a cooperative, non-profit association of federal research agencies, universities and the National Academy of Science's Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable aimed at reducing administrative burden on Principal Investigator and works to streamline the administration of federally sponsored research and to improve the federal/university research support relationship.


    Sometimes Federal-Wide Terms and Conditions (ORSP site) are referred to as FDP because they were first established by the FDP. Now, the latest version of the Federal-Wide Terms and Conditions are available and hosted by the National Science Foundation (NSF), AND they impact all federal agencies (not just NSF).

    In addition to the basic RTCs, each member federal agency has a supplemental set of agency-specific terms and conditions. A typical grant is actually covered by both the federal-wide Research Terms and Conditions (RTC) and the agency-specific terms and conditions. 

    See also: 


    Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (


    Forum for Ethical Review Committees int he Asian and Western Pacific Region

  • FFATA: Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act

    FFATA: Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 or Transparency Act—Public Law 109–282, as amended by section 6202(a) of Public Law 110–252 (31 U.S.C. 6101). See

  • FFMI

    Fast Forward Medical Innovation

  • Final Proposal

    A proposal in its final form that includes all of the sponsored-required documents and forms. It is ready to be submitted to the sponsor.

  • Finalized PAF

    A completed and signed PAF that includes the final proposal. The Project Team has performed the eResearch Management activity, "Finalize proposal for Submission to Sponsor."

    ORSP requires that the sponsor guidelines and the following finalized parts of the proposal must be attached to the PAF in order to complete its review:

    • Budget
    • Budget justification
    • Cover page
    • Draft abstract
    • Facilities and other resources
    • Subcontract budgets and signed letters of intent to participate
    • Certifications, Representations and Assurances
    • Any documents requiring an institutional signature

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  • Financial Status Reporting

    Sponsored Programs prepares the financial status report (FSR) in accordance with the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200). (This section was previously part of the A-110 circular). The FSR guidelines detail the complete and timely submission of financial reports and other such closeout procedures for federal grants and contracts. It covers (in part): Cash Management/Drawdown of funds, etc., Record Retention, Program Income, Procurement Standards, Property Standards, Cost Sharing, Financial Reporting.

    Failure to adhere to these reporting requirements in connection with a specific grant or contract may result in the withholding by the federal agency of new awards campus-wide or the suspension of payments for costs incurred by the University on other projects funded by the agency.​


  • FinOps

    Financial Operations


    Fund for Improvement of Postsecondary Education. See:


  • Fly America Act

    Federal travelers are required by 49 U.S.C. 40118, commonly referred to as the "Fly America Act," to use U.S. air carrier service for all air travel and cargo transportation services funded by the U.S. government. One exception to this requirement is transportation provided under a bilateral or multilateral air transport agreement, to which the U.S. government and the government of a foreign country are parties, and which the Department of Transportation has determined meets the requirements of the Fly America Act.

    The U.S. government has entered into several air transport agreements that allow federal funded transportation services for travel and cargo movements to use foreign air carriers under certain circumstances.

    There are currently four bilateral/multilateral “Open Skies Agreements” (U.S. Government Procured Transportation) in effect:

    Information on the four Open Skies Air Transportation Agreements (U.S. Government Procured Transportation) and other specific country agreements may be accessed via the Department of State's website.

    The rights given to airlines concerning U.S Government procured transportation under the Open Skies Agreement do not apply to transportation obtained or funded by the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of a military department.

    Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) Bulletin 11-02 [PDF - 112 KB] and Bulletin 12-04 [PDF - 82 KB] provides additional information and guidance on Open Skies agreements.

    For more information on Fly America Act and Open Skies, please send email to

  • fMRI

    Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).  The behavioral components of U-M human subjects studies utlizing the routine fMRI procedures approved under U-M's master IRB protocol are reviewed by IRB-HSBS.

    • fMRI Safety Screening Form (PDF) Form used to screen human research participants for eligibility to undergo routine functional magentic resonance imaging (fMRI) procedures.  This form must be uploaded into IRB applications for studies utilizing routine fMRI procedures for the IRB-HSBS review of the behavioral component of the study.
    • IRB Application Guidelines for Routine Functional MRI (fMRI) Studies (PDF) Outlines the information required in specific sections and questions within the IRB application for human research studies utilizing the U-M Routine fMRI master protocol.
    • Routine fMRI Behavioral Component Informed Consent Template (Word) General template to create an informed consent document for studies using the Routine fMRI Master Protocol to be reviewed by IRB-HSBS.  Last Updated:  03/29/2019
    • Routine fMRI Master Protocol (PDF) IRBMED approved master protocol outlining the routine functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanning procedures.  This protocol must be uploaded into IRB applications for human subjects studies utilizing these routine fMRI procedures for the IRB-HSBS review of the behavioral component of the study.
    • Routine fMRI Master Protocol - Child Assent (PDF) IRBMED approved informed consent document for a child assent to participate in a human research study utilizing the fMRI master protocol.  Upload a copy of this assent document, as applicable, to the study-specific IRB application as a reference.  Note:  do not alter this consent document.
    • Routine fMRI Master Protocol - Informed Consent (PDF)  IRBMED approved informed consent document for the Routine Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain project (HUM00093760).  For human research studies utilizing the fMRI master protocol, upload a copy of this consent document into the study-specific IRB application as a reference.  Note:  do not alter this consent document. 
    • Routine fMRI Master Protocol - Parental Permission Consent (PDF) IRBMED approved informed consent document for the parental permission for children to participate in a human research study utilizing the fMRI master protocol.  Upload a copy of this consent document, as applicable, to the study-specific IRB application as a reference.  Note:  do not alter this consent document.