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Call for Intent to Submit

  • The Call for Intent to Submit process relates to the many Limited Submission funding opportunities that exist. There are at least 250 funding opportunities each year from various sponsors that are limited. We don't need to reserve competition dates for each opportunity if interest does not exist. So we prepare a weekly communication listing opportunities and asking for a show of hands to determine interest.  If interest exceeds the sponsor's institutional limit, the U-M Office of Research may hold an internal Limited Submissions Competition and announce it at a later date. 

    We now communicate both the Calls for Intent to Submit and the Limited Submissions in a single communication.

    To be informed of the opportunities we have identified, you can sign up for our Weekly Call for Intent and Limited Submission communication.  

    Interested parties declare their interest for a Call for Intent to Submit and/or submit competition materials for a Limited Submission competition, through our InfoReady website.  

    For questions, contact