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sIRB (Single-IRB-of-Record)

  • Some sponsors (e.g., NIH) require a single IRB-of-record (sIRB) for multi-site (multi-institutional) human subject studies.  An external (i.e., non-UM) IRB may serve as the single IRB for all participating sites.  See IRBMED’s Central IRB Information website for a list of commercial IRBs with whom U-M has a service agreement.  

    • Commercial IRB Guidance Link to IRBMED's Central IRB Information (External IRBs) webpage.  This webpage includes "Working With" guidance documents for each of the commercial IRBs with which U-M or Michigan Medicine has a master agreement.
    • External sIRB Fee Schedule Depicts a sample budget worksheet outlining the fees for services that may be charged by an external (e.g., commercial) institutional review board (IRB) when that IRB is serving as the single IRB-of-record (sIRB) for a multi-site non-exempt human subjects project.
    • IRBMED: Changes to the Common Rule Link to IRBMED's Seminar Series webpage containing two presentations explaining the changes to the 2018 Common Rule.  The presentations differ in content based on information known as of the presentation date.
    • Single IRB-of-Record (sIRB) Process
    • U-M Implementation: NIH Single IRB-of-Record (sIRB)