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  • An award (or a project) results when a sponsor funds a proposal and that sponsor issues a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement to U-M.  When an award is granted by a sponsor, it's time to set up the project and begin the research, managing the project through its completion or close out

    When a project is awarded, an email notification is sent to the principal investigator and the post-award administrative contact when the project/grant number is established.  This serves as a notification that your project has been awarded and includes special terms and conditions associated with the award.  The notification also includes information such as:

    • Awarded amount
    • Project/grant number and ShortCode
    • Project period and budget period dates
    • Funding (direct, indirect costs)
    • Cost sharing, if any
    • Any special terms and conditions

    An award is accepted when the appropriate signatory for the university has signed the agreement and/or when you start spending on the project.  You can, typically, start spending on the project when you have received the email notification of project award AND you are within the project period.