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Ted Hamilton

Senior Research Compliance Auditor

Ted Hamilton, MS

Ted Hamilton joined the Office of Research Compliance Review (ORCR) as a Research Compliance Associate in September of 2008 after working for 25 years in the UM Department of Dermatology where he served in two roles—that of biostatistician as well as the head of research regulatory affairs. In the latter role, Ted started the department’s first internal regulatory oversight unit which monitored all of the department’s clinical research activities and reported the findings to departmental heads and the IRB.  In his role as statistician, Ted was involved in the design and analysis of many studies and has co-authored over eighty published articles and was listed in a paper (Stern and Arndt, 2000) as being the world’s sixth most frequently cited dermatology author in the 5 "high-impact" general medical journals. Prior to working in Dermatology, Ted worked as an intern in the corporate medical division of Ford Motor Company doing epidemiologic health and mortality studies of current and retired employees. Prior to that, Ted worked as an aquatic biologist for an environmental consulting firm in the Chicago area making environmental impact assessments of power plants on the local ecology.  Ted received his Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and holds two Master’s degrees from the University of Michigan, one in aquatic biology and and one in biostatistics.

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