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Plagiarism Detection

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The U-M iThenticate Pilot will end on December 3, 2019.  Due to the low level of use, UMOR will not renew the license.  Review the U-M Library's Detecting Plagiarism webpage to learn about other tools and online strategies to locate sources of plagiarized material.


Ann Arbor campus faculty can evaluate their draft grant proposals and research manuscripts for risks of plagiarism by using iThenticateTM - a plagiarism detection software application.  Checking your work for missed citations and/or duplication prior to submission or publication prevents research and scholarship misconduct and helps ensure research integrity.  

Many funding agencies (e.g., National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation) as well as scholary journals use iThenticate.  The University of Michigan acquired an institutional license for iThenticate through October 31, 2019 for Ann Arbor faculty use.

How does iThenticate Work?Definition of plagiarism from Merriam-Webster dictionary

The iThenticate system compares the text of your uploaded documents against the internet and a content database of over 150 million source materials (e.g., periodicals, journals, newspapers, scholarly articles, abstracts, books, archived web pages).  Upon comparison, the system produces a report that:

  • Rates the similarity of the text,
  • Lists and provides links to matching source material, and
  • Highlights textual matches

From the report, you can determine if textual changes to your documents are recommended.  

How do I get access to iThenticate?

Under the institutional license, individual accounts for active Ann Arbor campus faculty have been set up centrally by the U-M Office of Research (UMOR).  An automated email sent from iThenticate alerts you to change your temporary password (created upon account set-up) for security purposes.  

Faculty Roles & Responsibilities

Except for account set up, U-M applies a self-service model for iThenticate use.  Faculty members:

  • Access training on iThenticate's website, as needed
  • Create and maintain their own folders
  • Submit their documents for plagiarism checks
  • Interpret the report results
  • Cannot view folders/results of others

References and Resources

  • iThenticate: U-M FAQ

    Frequently asked questions for the U-M pilot of iThenticate, a plagiarism detecction software applicaiton, for use by U-M faculty.  Last updated: 03/09/2017

  • iThenticate Flyer

    Flyer to post in units to advertise iThenticate availabilty for U-M faculty use

  • IThenticate: U-M Pilot Introduction

    Presentation providing details about the multi-year pilot of iThenticate software for U-M faculty use.

  • iThenticate Demonstration Video demonstration on how to use iThenticate.  Recording of iThenticate's webinar for U-M on 05/11/17. 


For iThenticate account questions, contact:

For help in using iThenticate software, email iThenticate at: