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A-Z Index and Glossary

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  • SPIN: Sponsored Projects Information Network

    SPIN: Sponsored Projects Information Network.  An on-line search system for research opportunities. See Funding Databases.

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  • SPO

    A non-preferred abbreviation for Sponsored Programs

  • Sponsored Project

    Any externally funded research or other scholarly activity that has a defined scope of work or set of objectives which provides a basis for sponsor expectations. In accordance with Section 3.06 of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents, ORSP or Contract Administration is the President's delegated representative to grant prior approval for submission of proposals which if accepted will lead to funding for a sponsored project. Learn more about what is a sponsored project.

  • SRA

    Society of Research Administrators. An international group for providing education, professional development and information about research management. 

  • Staff Fringe Benefits

    Resources for Staff Fringe Benefits and Calculation.

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  • SUB

    Service Unit Billing

  • Subaccount

    A formally designated project grant (P/G) that is subsidiary to a larger project within the University. 

  • Subcontract / Subrecipient

    A subrecipient (or subawardee) is arranged for with a subcontract (sometimes called SubK). A subcontract provides for funds to perform part of a project as a collaborator or co-Principal Investigator. A subrecipient may be either a formally-designated project in which the direct sponsor receives funds from a prime sponsor or an arrangement in which the University provides funds for performing part of a project to another organization. 

    Helpful Tip: Don't confuse Subcontract/Subrecipient with a Subproject (formerly Subaccount). A Subcontract is not a Subproject.

  • System for Award Management (SAM)

    System for Award Management (SAM) is the official U.S. Government system, accessible to all, that consolidates Central Contractor Administration and other contractor databases. See Frequently Requested Proposal Data. SAM was formerly known as the CCR or Central Contractor Registry.

    (Please note that SAM is not related to the Award management functionality in U-M's eResearch Proposal Management System  (eRPM)).