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What's New for FY22

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Blue New! burst iconM-Inform is updated each fiscal year, as needed, in response to new federal and state regulations/guidelines and U-M policy changes.  These changes may impact your previously disclosed outside activities, relationships, or interests ("outside activity").

M-Inform Changes

New Screening Questions

"Screening" questions are answered by disclosers prior to reporting the details associated with any outside activity, relationship, or interest ("outside activity").

  1. required question to identify potential organizational conflicts of interest (OCI) has been added.   This queston asks if you have had consulting activity with, or if you have provided advisory services to, any U.S. federal agency within the past five years where you had access to confidential or proprietary technical information.  If this activity occurred within the past 12 months, you must disclose it as an outside activity in M-Inform.

  2. A question has been added asking whether you have active National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards (direct or prime funding) or if you have submitted a proposal for NIH funding in the past 12 months, or plan to submit a proposal for NIH funding during fiscal year 2022 (July 1 - June 30).  This question is conditionally required if you indicate you have an outside activity.

New & Updated Disclosure Form Questions

Disclosure form questions define the nature of an outside activity, relationship, or interest.

  1. A new field to upload supporting documentation has been added.  This conditionally required field appears in the disclosure form if you indicate you have an outside activity with a foreign entity (e.g., an institution, government, or company located outside of the U.S.) and you indicated current/proposed NIH funding in the screening question.  

    This new field was added to M-Inform to comply with the recent NIH requirement for the institutional review of disclosures of international activity or resources (NOT-OD-21-073 and NOT-OD-21-110) as Other Support, including supporting documentation.

    Examples of applicable documentation to upload include:
    • Contracts
    • Appointment/acknowledgement letters
    • Statements of work
    • Emails that confirm expectations or deliverables (note:  you are not expected to upload all email between the parties involved), 
    • Any other agreements with the foreign entity, or
    • Grants, contracts or other sources of support that have been received as a result of the outside activity and that have not been reported through usual U-M processes.

    On or after July 1, you will be required to update previously disclosed outside activities with a foreign entity ​​​​​​to apply this new documentation requirement.

  2. The list of "activity details" within disclosure question #7 have been updated to more clearly describe an outside activity.   The changes include:
    • Rewording of some activity detail categories and/or definitions for clarity;
    • Additional options to select the type of appointment or visiting scholar arrangement with the outside entity;
    • New subquestions for external researchintellectual property, and consulting to associate the outside activity with research;
    • A new option to disclose in-kind resources provided by the outside entity to which you have access or are using outside of your U-M role.
    • A new option to disclose external reviewer responsibilities (e.g., site, program, grant reviewer with exceptions).

    On or after July 1, you will be required to update any previously disclosed outside activity that involves an appointment, external research, intellectual property, or consulting.

Training Page Updated

The table displaying what to disclose and what not to disclose has been updated.  The COI Offices recommend downloading this printable version as guidance before you begin your annual disclosure.

References and Resources

  • M-Inform Disclosure Questions (Sample)

    [PDF] Sample of the M-Inform disclosure form as of July 1, 2021, displaying the pages, questions and conditional sub-questions one may see when reporting a new outside activity.  Use this resource to become oriented to M-Inform.  DO NOT use to submit disclosure information.  Last updated 06/15/2021. 


  • Outside Activity Disclosure Guidance

    Lists the types of activities, relationships, and interests that investigators at the University of Michigan should and should not disclose as an outside interest in M-Inform.  Last Updated: 06/03/2021.

  • 3 Key Steps to Disclose in M-Inform

    Describes and illustrates the top three actions disclosers need to do within M-Inform to successfully submit their outside activity disclosures. (PDF) Last updated: 06/15/2021


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